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Smart Glass Window Protection

This amazing window/glass nano coating will turn your glass surfaces superhydrophobic. 

​The solution chemically bonds to the glass lasting up to an astonishing 30k miles or 3 years. It will reduce the need for wipers, and from speeds as low as 30mph you will see a dramatic difference.

This is like a popular, shop bought product, but on steroids!!

All windows treated for just £40

Carnauba Gold Wax

For that extra head turning gloss, this is the wax for you.

Using its unique blends of oils and brazilian carnauba wax, this wax really brings out the best in your car.

Add £20 to your valet

Odour Bomb

Dont just mask the smells, get rid of them!!

Let one of our bombs loose in your car. This permeates all the fabric as well as gets into the ventilation system, killing all bad odour causing germs.

Ideal for pet owners and smokers.

Just add £20 to your valet.

Polymer Flourine 1 year* protective coating

One of our most popular upgrade options.

This product is the ceramic coatings little brother.

It reacts just like ceramic. Super hydrophobic, high gloss and uv protectant. Repelling dirt and water away from the paintwork, it really is as simple as rinsing the car off with a hose when you get it dirty.

​You will be amazed when we demonstrate the effects once we have finished! 

Add £40 to your valet

*This is up to 1 year with the correct after care. Ask us about our maintenance valet.

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