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Polymer Coating

Durability 9-12 Months

This coating is ideal for short term protection, i.e. over the winter months. It will repel water very well, and help to make your vehicle easy to clean, as well as giving it a great gloss. From £100.00

C Quartz 3.0 UK Ceramic Coating

Durability 24-36 Months

This coating is the hardest protection we offer. Your vehicle will be fully prepped before the ceramic coating is applied.

​By prepped i mean the paint will be fully decontaminated by claying the surface to remove bonded fallout from everyday use. Tar spots will be removed safely (not scratched off).

​Once the bodywork is free of foreign bodies, it's time for the machine work to commence. Firstly a cutting compound will be used to remove swirling caused by bad wash techniques. Once this has been done, another finer compound will be used to refine the previous stage. The final stage is a full machine polish to give your vehicle a mirror like finish.

​When i'm happy with the results, the ceramic coating is then applied.

Exterior only treatment From £450.00

Interior protection From £75.00

This service will need to be carried out in Gosport. A free collection and drop off service is available.