Protective coating are becoming more popular day by day. Whether its for your brand new car or you want your current cars appearance to last that little bit longer.

Soapeez offer 2 protective coatings for your car:

Polymer (Up to 1 Year protection)

Superhydrophobic properties which repels water and stops dirt and grime from adhering to the bodywork.

 C Quartz 3.0 uk Ceramic (Up to 3 years protection)

This is the hardest coating we offer!


Anti graffiti properties due to the inability for paint to stick, all that's needed is a pressure washer to remove it, no need for labour intensive scrubbing or harsh chemicals

Cleaner for longer and self cleaning properties mean simple rain normally washes away dirt. meaning less regular cleaning and less labour intensive when it is cleaned

Use of strong chemicals during cleaning are  not needed 

Chemical resistance to both man made chemicals and natural issues (ie: bird poo)

Reduced drag as deposits dont stick which on moving vehicles can improve speed and economy

Improved company image (dirty vehicles/buildings). Keeping on top of it is normally costly and time consuming.

Super slick Gloss 

3 Year Guarantee**

Quick Curing time 

For more information or a quote please call and have a chat.

**The guarantee is valid when you take out the Soapeez maintenance package (Heavily discounted).

If your car is incorrectly cleaned by anyone else once we have finished, this will invalidate your guarantee

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