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April Special Offer.

All platinum valets booked during April will get our polymer wax absolutely FREE.

What you will receive:


Pre Washed with snow foam
Hand washed with Ph neutral Shampoo
Wheels cleaned, tar, break dust removal and tyres dressed 
Wheel arches cleaned
Dried with non-scratch plush micro fibre towels and door shuts cleaned
Tar/Sap Removal
Tail Pipes polished
Finished with POLYMER WAX for that Stunning Shine


Door shuts cleaned
Seats vacuumed, carpets and boot vacuumed
All upholstery shampooed
All foot mats shampooed and re-dyed if needed
Dashboard, vents and vinyls cleaned
Windows cleaned and polished
Fully deodorised
Fabric protect applied to all foot mats

We are already booking up fast so don't hang around.

49 Vale Grove, Gosport, Hampshire